Mission statement

Accosiation for the promotion of discursive art and cultural production in decentralized areas

Dezentral is a non-profit cultural platform and a project organization that interacts location-independently across Austria. The association is committed to discursive contemporary art and cultural productions in decentralized spaces. These include rural areas as well as unused spaces that are revived and temporarily curated as event locations.

Dezentral has set itself the goals of building a sustainable network for artists and cultural workers, eliminating infrastructural deficits, and expanding the scope of institutional cultural administration apparatuses. The emigration of creative talent from the countryside to the city is to be balanced out by developing and strengthening rural creativity in its whole artistic spectrum and by attracting urban artists. For this purpose, new projects are brought to life and cooperations with already existing initiatives are established.
The activation of vacancies offers cultural actors both in the countryside and in the city an alternative to conventional showrooms and thus the opportunity to make their works visible to a wider audience.

The statutory tasks of Dezentral range from the formation of an interface between artistic protagonists and art and cultural organizations to, the development of an interdisciplinary artist collective and to the realization of the artistic feld. The associated activities create intermediate spaces for the exchange and dissemination of reflective contemporary art and its critical discourse.