Teppei Higuchi

composer, performer, researcher, and interdisciplinary

Teppei Higuchi is a composer, performer, researcher, and interdisciplinary artist who has presented works of music in variety of artforms. His works have been performed all over the world, such as in Darmstadt Summer Course (Germany) and at the CalArts Wild Best (USA). He holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Kunitachi College of Music (Japan) with a research focus on collaboration between language and music. In 2019, he has founded TMT (Théâtre Musical Tokyo) for collective music production for multidisciplinary artists. TMT ran 6 performances of its collective work “Keiko YONEDA (1912-1992): Her Works and Life” at Tokyo Arts and Space. He has been a visiting scholar at the California Institute of the Arts from September 2019 until May 2020. The recording of his Ursonate performance was released on точка in May 2021.