Tomaž Simatović

Tomaz Somatovic (SLO/AUT)
Choreographer, performer, lecturer in dance (SLO/AUT)
(c) Michael Gizick
Tomaz Simatovic, born in Slovenia, is an Austria-based practicing artist, performer and choreographer. His work is experimental, practiced through performance, teaching, research, and writing. He is interested in participatory formats, performance, and research as practices for socio-political and personal awareness. He graduated in dance at SEAD Salzburg, and gained his MA degree in choreography at the ArtEZ Arnhem (NL). Over the last decade he taught in universities and academies in Europe, USA and Asia. Tomaz initiated The Performing Solidarity Project, as a body of work exploring the topic of solidarity and human rights, through performance.

He received the Life Long Burning Program Scholarship for his research and participation at I.CI – CCN Montpellier twice, and was awarded with the scholarship Jahresstipendium für Darstellende Kunst des Landes Salzburg for his project Participatorium in 2018.